Creative Web Design

In Today’s World, if you have a business of any size, you will need a website, plain and simple. Since your website builds your brand and generates sales for your business, it is a great investment and it will definitely benefit your bottom line!

Our team of web designers here at IMS, design and develop the website that is a match for your business and your clientele, from the simple one page landing page to an authority site with content management system or your very own complete online store with full e-commerce functionality.

Quite frankly, because of the rapid changes that take place in the online marketplace, even if you currently have a website, there is a possibility that it may be in need of a health check or a possible overhaul. Either way, we are here to help you.

Smart Phone usage has completely changed the way people browse and buy online. More and more, smart phone users are becoming accustomed to making purchases directly from their phones and if your website is fully responsive and has e-commerce functionality you can take a visitor to your website straight through to purchase in a matter of just a few clicks.

Our web designers are marketers at heart and as such we specialize in simplistic navigation that drives a viewer to take action – for some this action may be to sign up for a monthly newsletter, for some it is to drive the user to call and place an order and for the large and increasing majority, it is to drive the user to click the buy now button and pull out their credit card.


Ecommerce Websites – Purchasing Goods/Services Online

An ecommerce website allows you to sell your goods and services online, this system utilizes a shopping cart and payment system. Whether you’re a small boutique or Caribbean resort, we can design a website that enhances what you have to offer and encourages people to purchase.

PayPal is the simplest and fastest way to connect your website income to your bank account. This will allow customers to buy from you online using a credit card, without you having to set up a merchant bank account.

For larger businesses we recommend a full payment system using and a merchant account as a means of protection for you and your customers, this allows customers to make online purchases, while assuring them that the website is secure and that their information is protected. This may be a somewhat more time consuming set up, but this offers a wider array of payment options and the added security of having a merchant account.

Steps We Take In Getting You Started…

  • You let us know what you have in mind.
  • We review any existing website and/or web property you may have to assess where you are currently online.
  • We discuss your website and/or online marketing plans in person or over the phone. We generally prefer a personal meeting so that we can get a better understanding of your requirements and that we can get to know each other a bit better.
  • We agree on the general layout of your site and the functionality requirements, before sending you a quotation for designing and developing your website.
  • Once you are satisfied with the price and other conditions, we issue a first steps invoice for 50% of the full amount for your site. We begin work on receipt of this deposit.
  • We create a plan for the top level navigation (pages) and present an initial concept for your website design.
  • We create your website. This includes all coding as specified in our initial discussions and any content insertion and/or stock photographs.
  • It is important to note that your website will be fully “responsive” meaning that people can view it on their smart phone or tablet just as they would on their desktop or laptop computer. Responsive design has become essential due to the dramatic rise of mobile Internet users.
  • We host on the cloud so if you are hosting with us, we will edit your hosts file so that you can see your site before we make it live online.
  • This makes it possible for you to provide us with feedback so that we make any agreed edits (up to two sets) prior to your final approval and sign off.
  • At this stage we issue a second stage invoice for the remaining 50% of the full amount. On receipt of this final payment, we will launch your new website.
  • We offer maintenance packages, and from the date of launch to 30 days after launch we offer FREE support and small tweaks so that you have the website just the way you want it.