Google AdWords and Remarketing

Google AdWords is the best way to get volume traffic and new customers to your website!

Using Google Adwords and Google’s extensive ad display networks, you can put your ads in front of thousands of customers, and you get to choose the budget that is right for you. Google currently sees over 200 million searches every day. At least five of these are local searches. It is plain to see that it is very important to be on top in Google search engine results.

Every time your potential customer searches for a search phrase that is related to your business you will have the option of displaying your custom ads to these queries. These are people who are searching for exactly what you sell and as such are highly targeted and sales ready leads.

Google AdWords

In Google AdWords you decide what amount you want to bid per click and how you want to carve up your daily budget.

However, because Google Adwords provides advertisers with these high quality potential customers of very good quality, it is also highly competitive. This is where our experienced team of certified Google Adwords partners come in.

Google AdWords campaign optimization

Using web statistics and campaign optimization, our goal is to ensure that you do not pay more than is absolutely necessary. We ensure that your ads are displayed optimally and continuously working so that you get the best ROI (return on your investment).

Google Adwords and Display Network using youtube and banner ads is far more involved than simple cost-per-click and testing of ad variations. We employ experts in sales psychology that provide advice and tips on the best practices on your landing page to ensure that those who arrive on your site take the next step towards making a purchase.

Managing a Google AdWords campaign requires a lot more than creating campaigns and bidding on some keywords, for optimum profitability, you must also implement tracking codes, optimize bidding, get rid of unprofitable keyword phrases and monitor your conversions for each keyword.

You actually save money using professional Google AdWords consultants!

Some business owners think that they are saving money by doing the Google administration themselves, but they quickly find that they are unable to stay in top and page one positions as they are being pushed further down by their competitors who are hiring professional consultants who know how to manipulate the system for best results all round.

Contact us today and we will do a free analysis of approximately how many people each month are searching for what you are selling online.

After this you will receive an offer in which you can test our Google AdWords maintenance service for 2 months before a final choice to see if this is something you want to have us do on a monthly basis.

Google Remarketing

Make The Most Of Your Marketing Using Google Remarketing


If you want your website to appear higher up on search engine results, you have to help the web spiders out. Web spiders are constantly scanning your content, searching for specific keywords, and they need to know how to find all the pages on your site. You need to demonstrate what you deem important on your site by creating a site map that allows a spider to follow the hierarchy of your pages.

The age old sales rule that says that a potential purchaser sometimes has to see your ad/website as many as seven times before they buy, makes Google Remarketing a most powerful tool. Our Google experts will set this up for you in your Google account and you will be amazed at the results!

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