marketing plan

Why you need a marketing plan

If you’re a businessperson, whether your venture is a small or a big one, you must have a marketing plan. One of the components of any successful company is a good marketing activity, because it completes every other compartment of your business.

Marketing is the way in which you express yourself.

Therefore, everything you do to express your views, your brand’s “belief” is marketing. Regardless of your choice: specialized firm or in-house department, you need a good marketing plan.

Campaigns and posts that are made on the spot in light of current events are great and show flexibility and wit, but those cannot be all your marketing efforts. Planning your campaigns and your activity on the long-run helps a lot. Here’s how:

You are more aware of the costs that your marketing activity generates, therefore you can easily include it in your monthly budget.

The most popular excuse for businesses to not do anything marketing related is the fact that they don’t have the money for it. You will find out that planning it beforehand makes it easier for you to include the costs in your quarter/monthly budgets.

You have time to analyse what you’re going to “say” and you will be able to catch mistakes in time, before they are made.

Do you know those ads that come out wrong? Those texts that use one wrong word and completely change the meaning of the entire text?
If you plan your client-oriented communication, you know exactly what you’ll say, and you’ll be able to spot any possible errors or flaws. Therefore, you can correct them.

You see the bigger picture.

Your business’s path should be an ascending arrow. When you are doing the work in a day-by-day manner, you only know the immediate future and the small picture. Try planning it out a little and the bigger picture will become available to you.

You can even save some money when you’re not doing everything as an emergency.

Let’s say you’re a mattress store and you are having a huge pillow sale. You can either print your flyers the day before, at a bigger cost or a week before, stress-free, without the emergency costs.

You can define and adjust your goals.

Of course, your main goal is most probably to be profitable.
But, what customers do you want to attract? What vision do you want to project?
Make a plan, stick to it and draw conclusions from time to time. If it doesn’t work, change it. If it does, plan some more of the strategy that was successful. You can’t say you found a successful strategy if you didn’t even have a strategy at all.

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