Why content marketing is good for you

According to Wikipedia:

Content marketing is a form of marketing focused on creating, publishing and distributing content for a targeted audience online.

Why content marketing is good for YOU:

Content marketing is just like breakfast, it’s just good for you. Of course, you can survive without it, just not in optimal conditions.

In a world with so much information to go around, what would the best way to make yours reach its target audience? Making it of interest to the target audience, because as that audience, in the modern era you feel compelled to only read what is of interest to you, not everything that is coming your way. Both time and your patience wouldn’t allow it. Content marketing is basically packing the information you want to send away in an attractive package. Not for everybody, but for your target audience.

Making it catchy is  important, but here is the actual type of posts in which you can integrate the principles of content marketing:

  • Videos: the world is your oyster. You can edit them, add effects, be a character.
  • Blog posts: blog posts are great, because you get to share your knowledge and explain your train of thought step by step. It’s great for passing the information over to an audience that is not in a rush.
  • Info-graphics: the easiest and most rapid way to “consume” the information is though an info graphic.
  • Apps:  you will get attention from the people that are interested, not from anyone and everyone.
  • Different types of presentations.

Of course, the perfect combination can be picked by someone who knows the way each channel works and knows how to get optimal results by finding the perfect mix for you. We are the team to help. Give us a an e-mail: melanie@internetmarketingsynergies.com.

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