Malware Removal

Here at IMS we offer website protection and anti-virus – and clean up for any type of website. Complete with our Cloud based hosting plan we offer real time administration, however if you have chosen to host elsewhere and run into problems, our team are ready and able to get your site sorted out and back up and running.

Continuous Security Scans

In the current online realm, unfortunately the threat of infection or some form of security incident is constant. If you don’t have someone monitoring your website that is aware of the latest malware threats, you are at a huge disadvantage.

The truth is that a website that is immune from security issues is non-existent. The ability to detect when such an incident has or is about to occur is an absolute necessity in the establishment of a good security posture for your business’ site. We offer a software that provide continuous monitoring of your website which enables us to give you immediate alerts in the event of a security incident.

Removing Existing Malware

If on the other hand, you are coming to us because your website has already been hacked or there are strange things happening that are out of the ordinary on your site, then right now, your customers and for that matter, your reputation are at stake. You are most likely concerned about the cost and time it will take to clean this up. Time is of the essence, and you need help from people you can count on. This is where IMS Technical team comes in! With over 20 years of experience out technical team can fix hacked sites quickly and effectively giving you peace of mind to go on with your business.

Website Blacklist Removal

The absolute dread of seeing your website blacklisted in Google search results is real. The search engines are blocking access to your website and labelling it as a dangerous site to visit.

This requires prompt action. Our technical team at IMS will clear all malicious code from your website and take the necessary steps to remove your website from the blacklist. We work quickly, knowing that this is of utmost importance to you!

DDos Protection

Do you think that your website could handle a huge increase in traffic? Say 10 times the traffic? 100 times or even 100,000 times?

This is how Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks affect your websites and your server. A DoS/DDoS can occur within seconds or just a few minutes and the effect can be devastating. The result can range from less severe issues like website downtime, to getting your site banned by your host company for Terms of Service (ToS) violations. Not to mention the economic impact it would have on your business since downtime = no sales. Out IMS tech team can install protective measures to prevent DDos attacks from happening and if you have experienced an attack we can clean it up for you!

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