How do we get Content That Engages?

content_that_engagesEffective content is writing that engages, entertains, and of course, more importantly, it helps you to achieve your business goals whatever they may be. These goals can take the form of a closed sale, getting prospects to sign up to your newsletter on your site, sharing content so that you have a wider reach and more. Bottom line – It is content that people really want to read.

When we think of a brand, we want to remain consistent with elements like colors, fonts, and design. Similarly your content needs to be written in a manner that is consistent in its tone and style. The easiest way to do this is to write in “your” (or your brand’s) particular voice or tone.
Stories are way more interesting and memorable than hard facts and figures. Writing should be presented like it is written by a human being and not like a sales/marketing robot.

Write content for your target audience, not for yourself. Speak to them in a language that they understand and address what matters to them. Speak specifically to them and about their needs. Give answers to questions or concerns you realize they may have. Stick to simple – rather than heavy and wordy.

Content That Engages – Headlines are Key!

Pay attention to your headlines. Eighty percent of people read only the headlines, and about 20 percent read all the content on a webpage. Realise that regardless of how great your content may be, most people will just scan over it quickly, scrolling to find the nuggets they deem important to them. Make their search easy with the use of catchy headlines.

On your website, don’t make your audience think too hard about what you mean or confuse them with too much padding.

Examine who is reading your site, look at the comments on your blog posts, who subscribes to your newsletter, or buys your stuff. Google Analytics can also tell you a great deal about your audience and their demographics.

Always give a clear call to action. Be clear about the next step whether it be on forms, links or buttons. Again simple one step actions are best. An example would be on a display ad in Google Adwords, Click HERE to Book Now, where the button displaying this, once clicked takes the user directly to the page to book!

The most important thing to remember is to write with a passion for what you do. Show some genuine enthusiasm for how your business can solve problems for your target market. Show your readers why you care about them, and they’ll care about what you do.

Rosemary_AllisonHere at IMS we have a special team of writers headed by our Content Management expert, Rosemary Allison.

Rosemary has a flair for writing that transcends multiple niche markets, and her versatility when it comes to writing comfortably in US, UK or Canadian English has enabled her to write for a wide range of clientele. Rosemary is also fluent in French and Italian and has written professionally for over 20 years.

Our content management team write website content, emails, blog posts, newsletters and more. Our specialty is always content that engages.

Now living in Friuli Venezia Giulia, northeastern Italy, Rosemary raises Appaloosas, paints and, with more than twenty years experience as an English-language editor and writer, works as a Web Content Provider and Consultant.

As well, she can translate your text from English to Italian, or from Italian to English.

She has tackled topic areas including 3D graphics and animation, irrigation, agriculture, art, natural sciences, literature, history travel and tourism.

Contact us today for more details on how we can help you to manage your online content.