Social Media Management

It is a known fact that businesses that have an effective and consistent presence on Social Media, build their brands faster, stronger and better than their competitors. Social Media done properly, will engage your clients and prospective customers, builds your brands, make you money, drive traffic to your website, and increase your website’s rankings in the search engines. The thing is though, most people HATE doing it. And this is where our IMS Social Media Management team comes in.

What Do You Get?

  • Our team manually post to your Social networks daily.
    We focus on content about your business and niche, establishing you as the go-to authority within your target market.
    We track and monitor the engagement levels on your social media platforms so we know where your target audience “hangs out”.
    We use no automated tools – all our posts are real-time and done manually.
    We steadily grow Followers naturally – no purchased followers which can get you shut down on some networks.
    We do absolutely no blackhat stuff that can get your accounts banned.

Your Benefits:

  • A higher search engine ranking for your website.
    A really good way to build recognizable branding for any products or services you have to promote.
    More visibility and brand recognition for your company and products ir services.
    More inbound links that point back to your official site which is great for SEO as well.
    Maintenance of solid relationships with your clientelle.