Host On A

Secured Cloud Platform

Hosting your website on a secured cloud platform can offer several benefits, including enhanced security features, better scalability, and improved website performance.

It also reduces the risk of downtime due to hardware failures or maintenance issues.

At IMS, you are our VIP client! We’ve got your back with our top-notch, secure cloud-based hosting, including regular backups to keep your site protected.

To make your experience even better, our team is available to assist you anytime, 24/7. With an unbeatable 99.9% uptime guarantee, you can trust us to keep your website up and running smoothly.

95% of our website clients choose to host their websites on our secured cloud based platform. We’ve got your back in a time when internet security is a essential.


What is a secured cloud platform?

Cloud hosting is among the top three most prevalent hosting types. It can be characterized as a collection of servers that pool together their CPU, RAM, and storage to create a large resource pool, which is then virtually distributed among numerous websites and users.

The standout feature of cloud hosting is its redundancy. In case one or more servers encounter any issues, the remaining machines continue to support the websites hosted on the cloud.

What is the difference between cloud and shared hosting?

The primary distinction between cloud hosting and shared hosting lies in the number of servers and the allocation of resources. In shared hosting, a single server hosts multiple sites, sharing its resources among them. However, the absence of usage limits means that any site can consume the server’s entire CPU and RAM capacity, negatively impacting others.

On the other hand, cloud hosting utilizes a pool of servers, enhancing the redundancy of the service. These shared resources are virtually partitioned to ensure each site receives a dedicated portion, preventing any abuse by other users.

Is SSL included?

For every domain identified as hosted on on our cloud plan, we automatically provide a Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate.

What about Backup of my website?

Your account is backed up daily, with seven offsite copies retained! Additionally, we offer the option to create on-demand backups whenever required.